Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Nice, I'm Mean

Shelly puts on a pleasant face and cheerful demeanor when there are outsiders present. It gives me goose bumps watching her fake emotions. As soon as it's only family though, her true colors come out.

She's constantly criticizing somebody or something didn't get done right - it means he or she didn't do it her way. She's infinitely jealous over other people's fortune, achievement, income, vacation, or happiness of any sort, and beams over other people's misfortune. If she has the opportunity to mess up someone's marriage, she will, and she did.

If you need moral support, don't count on her. She has no sympathy for anybody's misery. She treats her husband (the yes man) like dirt. It seems that her life's goal is to show her superiority at all costs, and if she can beat another person down in the process - even better.

She will try to send your kids to your ex husband (in another country) without you knowing it if she has the chance, and she tried it on me. That's when I stopped talking to her.

I don't know anyone else is as fake and heartless as she is, and one is more than enough.


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