Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Sheep Story

I used to live in the hillside of the Niles area long time ago. If you are familiar with that area you would know how beautiful it is. I had the view of the rolling hills from my kitchen window. There were wild lives roaming in the neighborhood as well. I had dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, chinchilla, and even a coyote as my pets – I love animals.

So naturally I was a little worried when a warming came out from the city’s office about a mountain lion being spotted in the area. A couple of times I saw it resting on my fence – how in the world it could stay there was beyond me. I made sure I lock the chicken coop and the rabbit cage at night, and all the others inside with me before I went to bed. Well, the coyote was on its own, but the dog house in the backyard can serve as a refuge if it really needed.

I got such a shock one morning shortly after I got up and looked out of the kitchen window – all the sheep were dead! They were all over the hills, lying still on the ground. “Oh My God!” I thought, “The mountain lion finally got them.” I was very upset. The sheep made the picture of the rolling hills so much prettier, and not to mention the poor sheep owner – what a big loss for him!

I promptly called the animal control office and demanded them send people over immediately. This was a serious threat to my animals and my kids! (well, maybe not in that order) Judging from the number of the dead sheep, there must have been a whole pack of mountain lions in the area.

There was a knock on the door some time later. A gentleman in uniform greeted me when I opened the door and asked, “Ma’am, where are the dead sheep you reported?”

“They are all over the hills. Can’t you see?” What’s wrong with his eyes, I thought.

“Well, we looked all over the hills by your house, but we couldn’t find any.”

“I’ll show you.” I guess if you want something done right you’d better do it yourself.

I took him around the house to the hillside beyond my fence. There were a couple of sheep grazing here and there, but all the dead ones were gone!

“I don’t understand. There were tons of them lying on the ground half hour ago. What happened?”

The gentleman looked at me, then looked at the hills, then said to me suspiciously, “Could they have been sleeping?”

I realized I didn’t see any blood or torn bodies or carcasses. He was right – the sheep were just sleeping, and walked away when these people got close to check on them.

The above was my favorite story from Jill’s numerous funny experiences.

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