Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marinade of Contentment

Morning woke me with silence and warmth. The blinds glowed softly, tickling my senses with dim grayish light. I tried to recall dreams from last night, but there wasn't any to be summoned. The slumber was as smooth as the silky sheets around me.

Coco curled up in a furry round ball by my feet. She would not rise unless I asked: "Breakfast?" I hugged my companion - the soft pillow - with a lazy sigh and a contented squeeze. My head on its body and my arms around it, I enjoyed the slow retreat of the morning haze, one warm breath at a time.

Everything was quietly resting. Even the birds were snuggling in their nests tucked away deep in the trees. Faint aroma of dinner and spices still lingered in ribbons of air painted by watercolor brushes. Last night was brought back to mind instantly. We didn't have fancy games on a table glistening with silver and crystal to admire, but we had more than enough tasty morsels for our stomachs to expand with joy.

I asked for nothing this year. A wide screen high definition TV given to me earlier was more than I needed for my simple house and lifestyle. I was blessed in more than one way, and perhaps more than I deserved. I still received presents in spite of it. What more could a heart desire?

We missed one or two of our loved ones, but we were happy most of the small family was together. I was thankful for our health, our safety and a year of relative calmness. Perhaps a few bumps in the road, and perhaps we were scarred slightly, but we overcame and were grateful they weren't worse. We look forward to a brand new year with brand new adventures, hopefully with stronger minds from the roads we navigated through the year before.

The kids were sleeping soundly, recovering from a late night of movies, games and chattering. One was under the attack of a cold, and the other snored through the night. Chicken soup had come to the rescue, or at least to the comfort, of both mother and child. The mother would like to feed her child chicken soup everyday if she could, until the ailment was defeated completely. The child had asked for a second bowl of it. A simple "yummy" was the best reward a mother could receive.

The warmth of the bed, the scattered clan under one roof again, and little abundance in our lives made my grateful heart full of joy. This was my happiest day of the year - the morning after Christmas.

(I hope your Christmas was joyful and warm, whether you were with or without your loved ones. Happy New Year to everyone!)

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  1. AWE! This was so nice. Made me feel like I was there! I did have a nice Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. christie - wish you were here as well. we had more than enough to eat!

    hunter - thanks, and happy new year!

  3. Sarah, Glad most of your loved ones were there. Something special about times when you are all under to same roof.

  4. sandra - yes, those times are so special. it seems your christmas was wonderful.

  5. Sarah, your writing is always so full of warmth, so very you. Hopefully 2010 will be full of warmth and love for all of us.

  6. Sarah, wow how cool that they were there.
    I been fighting this damn puter.
    Will e-mail when i get it all back together

  7. Lovely post, my dear. One that what I feel roiling around in my tummy-the marinade of contentment? Have a Happy with all your kith and kin!

  8. tina - hope your christmas was great, and the new year brings you all the dreams come true.

    bob - i see you're having fun training your puter. good luck and let me know how it goes.

    melissa - we'll have to wait and see if you have marinade of contentment, or just marinade gone wrong...

  9. Aw, Sarah sounds like a perfectly wonderful morning, makes you wish that it won't end. I usually feel quite blue the week after. Anyhoo hope you have Happy 2010
    - 12 more months to go. Lol :)

  10. leah - like you said, it was wonderful and too short. wishing you a very happy new year as well!

  11. Does being displeased by the festive season, or conforming to the 'Scrooge archetype' make one a marinaded malcontent?

  12. Beautifully written - just stopped by to wish you a very happy new year!

    Kitty x

  13. Is that photo of the glowing fireplace in your house? It's beautiful and so is your writing.
    Happy New Year...full of opportunity and possibilities.

  14. techno - i'm kind of a scrooge myself, and sometimes i'm displeased by the commercial side of the season as well. it should be about family, not presents. happy new year!

    kitty - thanks, and happy new year to you!

    aion - happy new year!

    boomer - i wish that was my fireplace. it's so warm and sturdy it would be my ideal home. happy new year!

    lana - thank you, and the same to you and your family!



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