Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Good Girl Gone Bad...

I am ashamed to say that I have been a bad girl lately.

I have been a little depressed after the visit to my mom's. We are now in a holding pattern as she couldn't decide whether to move in with me or not. Regardless of her decision some significant challenges will present themselves for sure. The fact that Parkinson's could be genetically passed down didn't help either, so I escaped to the imaginary land of stories. I piled up the awards I was given, awesome blogs that I should have mentioned and passed the awards forward, and buried my head in the sand for the past few months.

That's what I meant by "good girl gone bad." I hope you weren't expecting something else.

There are other reasons for my postponement. Each time I recieve an award it's incredibly humbling for me. Someone thinks my blog is not only worth reading, but worthy of an award! I am forever grateful for being able to make the journey to the wonderland, and take you with me for the ride.

The pressure of passing down the award is another reason. All I can say is there are too many great blogs/writers out there and not enough awards to go around. All the blogs I'm following are wonderful and worth your visit.

Here are the awards I stored away and now is the time to say thanks:

Sarah just finished her 250-page book, so I should say Sarah, a writer is born!

Sandra is a former math teacher. Alas, she has moved on to other things in life. I hope someday she'll revive her blog to document the progress in her artistic pursuit.

He combines the Englishman's humor with the most, eh hum, interesting, pictures on his blog.

Tom's lunacy can be related to many, and particularly, me.

Back to Sarah again. I find her life in Canada as a student very interesting and her writing introspective. I'm sure you will, too.

Thank you all for thinking of me. I have an award for you as well. (see below for the fireworks one)

Some awards have rules to follow and some don't. I can't remember which is which, so I'm making up my own. I'm listing some of the wonderful blogs here for you to check them out. The blog owners below can grab any awards above and do whatever they want:

Hunter has a way with words and is working on a novel. That's how you can tell who a serious writer is.

Bruce's columnist style writing is always insightful and powerful. I won't be surprised if he's secretly working for Boston Globe or New York Times.

Tina's supernatural stories send chills down your spine. She, too, is working on a novel--her second one.

Charlene finds lessons even in life's most difficult chapters. Her blog is always uplifting and inspirational.

Lou is a talented writer. I think she is also working on a novel--another real writer in the making.

Judie makes breathtakingly beautiful arts of various mediums. Her feelings come through in her words and just as touching.

Kitty's stories make you laugh, cry, and laugh some more. Her life in UK will hook you on the first read.

Angie is another artist with an uncommon medium: pyrography. It's a slow but interesting progress.

Robyn has the worst luck in dating, but that makes great blogging material for us. I hope her bad luck continues...just kidding Robyn.

I know I missed quite a few great bloggers out there, so here is an award I made in case you're visiting:

To all the followers and all the blogs I'm following--You are all awesome!


  1. Speaking of awards, my dear Sarah, you have one waiting for you here: Butts and Ashes. :-)


    I have no idea how to make this a link. LOL Sorry!

  3. Sarah, thank you! I am so honored that you mentioned me.

    I have been inspired by your writing style, and hope that I can learn from it and become a better writer myself.

    You are a very special woman.

  4. Hi, Sarah. Thanks so much for the nod. It's a real treat to be mentioned in such fine company!

  5. You are my reward. But I will hang your gift on my wall as a substitute for the real thing.

  6. Sarah, I gave you those awards because I absolutely love all of your short stories! They make for a very very interesting read and girl, the stories you create are so diverse! Keep writing them, promise? :D

  7. Well, we all know you're an Awesome Blogger, and a Superior Scribbler, too! Hope you get everything sorted out with your mom. You're now in a "club" that few wish to join but which has many members.

  8. Thank you Sarah - I'm very honoured!

  9. I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond but thank you so much, Sarah! I'm touched to even be mentioned. Thank you! I shall display on my blog. :) x



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