Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair Therapy

The shop was sparse when I walked in. A woman sat me down and asked what I wanted. I didn’t remember her but I was not surprised. Their turnover rate must be astronomical, and the quality of their work remains not improved.

I don’t do the $50.00 haircut. I tried, but nobody ever said “Wow. Your hair looks gorgeous!” to me.
I told myself if nobody could tell the difference, it makes no difference where I get the cut.

I don’t do Lancome or Estee Lauder brand for skincare either, but only because my skin broke out miserably every time I did. I’m more than happy to save some money there, too. Drugstore brand works great in that aspect.

My mother has a good analogy for that. She told me I was born with a body fit for a royal family (that means not very strong and needs pampering), but a fate proper for a poor peasant (that's pretty self-explanatory).

Thanks, mom.

I do draw the line at Supercuts. They butchered my hair so bad once that I looked like a man. Actually, more like a woman who would prefer a female lover.

“Your hair is wavy.” The hairdresser commented.

My hair is straight, but she would hear none of it. She pointed at the back of my head, where a few strands of hair were posing in an acrobatic twist.

“Yes, it IS wavy.” I said.

She had the scissors, so I let her win. My decades of experience with my own hair merely meant she knew better than me.

I looked around the shop when she did the cutting. I’ve learned long ago they had their own minds on how you should look. It’s beneficial for my own mental health if I indulge their artistic expressions freely.

A man walked in. He was short with dark skin, but pleasant at first glance for the smile he was sporting. He looked around and proclaimed happily, “Ah, there you are—hiding in the back!”

A woman stood up and greeted him. She was his favorite, obviously. She had a knit top on, and her torso was squeezed into three sections above her waist, in Michelin Tire logo guy style.

I soon found out she was his victim, not favorite. He talked non stop all the time while she cut his hair. I tried to tune him out, but he was only two seats down. At one time I heard him asking her if she knew the difference between smart and intelligent, then proceeded to explain the difference. She murmured mindless “uh hum” every now and then while trimming. Maybe she had a good reason to be hiding in the back.

He was either in love with her, or had a bad case of superiority complex. Either way it was an urban tragedy. She struck me as the type who would value earthly pleasure more than intellectual enlightening, with which he was so eager to impart.

He had better come up with a better strategy if he wanted this to go anywhere. I would suggest lots of dining out and leisure drives in his luxury car if he had one.

As for the complex, he’s on his own. My arms weren’t long enough to reach over and slap him out of it.

She said something to her coworkers in a foreign language after he left. I had a pretty good idea what that might be. Following is just one of many possibilities:

“WTH was that? He should pay me double for putting up with all his crap!”

A haircut is not only a fun and relaxing event, it can also be therapeutic at times.


  1. I pay too much for haircuts these days. I remember the $4 cuts I could get in the Air Force. For some reason, my wife isn't keen on the buzz cut idea.

    I liked the triple-section torso description in this.

  2. Hunter - it's hard to imagine you with a buzz cut, but $4.00 is a great deal! I had to pay 20 and that's a bargain here.

  3. I agree with Hunter- i loved the description of the Michelin tire stomach! Hehe...

    However, i don't think haircuts are fun, relaxing and/or theraputic! I hate getting my haircut, mainly because i have long curly hair that no one seems able to handle. Plus the mirrors are never flattering, are they?

  4. Lou - long curly hair? Now I really hate you! :) But you're right. That could be a challenge to the stylists. I'd bet you look lovely in any mirror.

  5. I can't remember the last time I had a professional cut, in a shop. My daughter has been a licensed stylist for 10 years and I think she may have cut my hair about 3 times. The stress is unbearable. I pretty much keep it long and in a ponytail. Not very stylish for a granny, but neither am I.

  6. Ms. A - I should probably keep it long and save me some grief. I can see how having your daughter cut your hair can be stressful.

  7. One of my favorite outings is to the salon. I just don't have many "vices" anymore, but I can truly say that my hair is one!

  8. Sarah, this was very entertaining. It's impressive how much good writing material you can get from a trip to the hairdresser. My favorite line: "She had the scissors, so I let her win."

  9. Melissa - it can be enjoyable and worthwhile if you have a good hairdresser.

    Robyn - glad you liked it. Aren't I smart to let her win?

  10. A wise woman you are to yield to the woman with the scissors.

    I love my hair dresser. I love him. My husband knows it too.

  11. Betty - How wonderful you could love your hairdresser and your hubby knew it as well!

  12. I found your site through Bossy Betty's and I just loved your blog.
    Love your writing style..and as I figured out we share some followers friends. Same taste?
    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  13. 'She had a knit top on, and her torso was squeezed into three sections above her waist, in Michelin Tire logo guy style.' Ok, I officially love :)

  14. I am so happy with the stylist who cuts my hair! Even though she is a wonderfully nice and intelligent person, I keep my distance. I come to her for one thing only--to cut my hair. I don't care about chatting, or comparing notes about restaurants or the weather. Fortunately, she is the ultimate professional and her goal is to make me look good. She earns the $50 plus the $10 tip I give her. If you want to see my haircut, go to my blog. I just updated my picture.

  15. Betty - Welcome.

    JW - Thanks.

    Judie - I'll check it out shortly.

  16. Your hair cutting adventure sounds stressful! Hope you liked your style in the end!

  17. Jules - Thanks for stopping by. It wasn't too bad because I didn't go with high expectations. :)

  18. That guy would've made me go nuts! I thought that it was always the hairdresser who had the talking complex, but apparently the stereotype I was holding is wrong! I would've wanted to slap the man too ;)

  19. Sarah - haha. I had to tune him out and it was not easy!

  20. I got such a good laugh from this. Isn't people watching the best?

  21. Marla - I agree. I should go out more to get inspired.



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