Sunday, April 24, 2011

Are we there yet?

Not unlike many inexperienced but imaginative people among us, my romance has come to an untimely end with much hard work, excitement, exhaustion, and finally, disappointment. My romance toward renovation, that is.

I was hoping for something that would stand out in a crowd, but resulted in something quite different. Here's what I meant:

Before the renovation I had high spirit and energy. I wanted something that's either a farmhouse despite the fact that my Yorkie was the only animal I owned, or a Cape Cod although I really have little idea what that looked like. My vision was roughly based on this:

or this:

The general idea was white cabinets and dark floor. I even picked out a beautiful granite countertop with swirl and movements that would make you go "Ahhh" when you walk into the room:

I soon found out those white cabinets I loved so much were out of my price range, unless I painted them myself. So was the granite. In the good name of conserving resources, this is what I ended up with: (Before)


and this is now:

and this:

The baseboards and trims are yet to be completed. Due to Easter Sunday the free helpers all of a sudden decided to be religious and refuse to work. The audacity of some people.

So instead of "Ahhh" now the granite just greets you with a "Blah," but I can live with that. From the five slaps of granite they cut to fit this kitchen, I probably saved a thousand dollars by downgrading the granite. I even sealed it myself.

Next project is to address the moisture problem that caused us much headache while installing Pergo. The side yard has accumulated years of dead leaves. While sweeping them up I pulled a number of interesting items from beneath, the most unusual one being a lawn chair.

I swept one-third of it and the waste bin was full. Two more weeks the leaves should be all gone.

Cape Cod-dians will probably be caught dead to have this remodeled style, which is not a style at all. But when you have to make compromises, you have to let go of style--a concept I've rediscovered accutely. As a reward to myself, maybe I will visit Cape Cod after all is done. I hope that will heal me from this hopeless renovation romance, which will be my first and last one.


  1. I love it and would gladly take it off your hands! Heck, I can't even find my kitchen, and have no plans to try.

    Easter blessings.

  2. Ms.A - thank you and happy Easter!

  3. OK, You've put off renovation for me for a few years. Thank you. It would have meant I would have to get off the couch.

  4. Betty - off the couch and to HomeDepot, for the one thousandth time in a month. The workers there could almost call me by name now.

  5. So, you are about done with the project of House, and about to begin the concept of Home. Go out and buy a recording of Old Cape Cod, and you'll be on your way.

  6. Hey Sarah. I think the kitchen looks great. Seriously. Having lived in a house with a crappy kitchen for, i don't know- maybe 5 years or more, I think you've done great to get it done so fast! :)

  7. I really should not complain about sleeping in the guest room while my master bath is gutted and re-done. Actually, we just could not do it! So we have been cheating and sleeping in the MBR with the children, then getting up extra early and covering the bed with plastic so no one's the wiser.

    Rod picked out a new rug for the den, Keil came over to help lay down the pad before the rug went down. It looked great, and cost a PRETTY PENNY! Of course, we were concerned that Liz would pee on it. She didn't, but Mulligan threw up on it yesterday. I was not home, and of course Rod never thought to use carpet shampoo to clean it up. I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING!!!

  8. Bruce - I looked at some pictures of Cape Cod and I'm definately going to visit!

    Lou - Thank you. If it weren't for the floor we'd be moved in long ago. Now off to packing.

    Judie - The best way to do it is to hire professionals. Too much headache! No more hardwood floor next time unless the foundation is absolutely level.

  9. Hi Sarah...I came over to your blog looking for an E-mail address, but couldn't find one so I'm posting here instead.

    I wanted to thank you for the card and note you sent Reid while he was in the hospital having the stem cell transplant. Things have been hectic since we moved back home and I'm only now having a chance to contact people to thank them.

    I think your kitchen is coming along just fine. You should see my 1980's era wallpaper in the dining room and entryway. I have dreams too, but I'll have to keep dreaming. Betty

  10. It's actually a charming little kitchen, though. I like the colors- especially the floor. I had the same problem in my house. I did the painting of the cabinets, though. BOY, did it take a long time. Love the accent lights, too!

  11. I think it looks great. All you need is a few personal touches of decor - a bowl of fruite, some fresh flowers... and voila! GREAT JOB!!!

  12. I found you at Rogue Artists. Love your blog. I think your kitchen is great - how about some personal touches like framed art or photography, preferably your own? I'm now following your blog-hope you follow me too.

    Regards, Mari



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