Monday, September 28, 2009

Downtown Class

"Ogay glass. Now let’s dalk about the dex boogs for this glass.”


After the teacher explained that we needed two books and one optional software in his heavily accented English, my neighbor raised her hand and asked, “But which one do we need? The first one or the second one?”

The woman in front of her turned her head to see who the idiot was. I tried not to look at her so she’d know it wasn’t me. She had a deep crease between her eyebrows. I made a note to myself not to sit next to her in future classes. She looked mean.

I asked a couple of questions about the books as well, since the syllabus wasn’t so clear. When I mentioned the school’s bookstore told me they didn’t have the book and I had to check on, he seemed to be a little defensive.

"It’s unduh another glass name.” he said.

Well, why didn’t you mention this in the syllabus? I wanted to ask. How would we know this? Then he said it would be okay to use another edition that didn’t have a CD to save some money.

I didn’t get either book before the class started, because these details were not spelled out in the syllabus. Now I would have to wait for a week for the books to arrive. It would be interesting to see how I could do the assignment without the books.

He probably had a deal with the author, I thought to myself grumpily. That was an unfounded guess, of course. I was just not happy about the extra work and delay he had caused. He is a college professor, and should be smarter than us. He showed off his extensive resume and work experiences before officially starting the class - totally unnecessary in my opinion. A great resume doesn’t guarantee a great teacher.

My neighbor didn’t have a clue what the class was about, or how it was going to be integrated with her work, or what her next step after the class should be, or her possible desire to take the test (no, you can’t take the test - the teacher said; because you didn’t pay for it - a student explained, since she didn't seem to realize there was a cost related to it) etc., etc., and asked a lot of questions. I had to look at the mean woman's face every time she turned around.

I ran out during the break just to make sure my car was still there (it was in the city of the highest crime rate in Bay Area) and that I didn’t get a ticket – sixteen quarters for two hours. It’s only free after eight o’clock. The city is in deep budget shortage, so parking fee is a good way to squeeze some money out of people who are short of it right now.

It seemed that my neighbor got herself a banquet during the break, and started to lay down the feast during the class, opening plastic boxes and wrappers and making all kinds of noise. Now I wanted to give her the dirty look. I already had a hard enough time trying to understand what in the world the teacher was saying without the noise. Thanks to the hard working air conditioner; I was able to stay awake for the entire class. How much I got from the lecture is another topic.

I stepped out of the building and the street had transformed into a deserted movie set of some ghetto scene. A couple of scary looking people were shouting to each other in the dark street. I did my best to appear brave and unconcerned while walking toward my car, praying that I didn’t look like a potential victim of robbery to them.

It's going to be a very long Fall quarter.


  1. Sarah,
    Bess said, maybe Clem and me better walk you to you car from now on, an get that mean lady a de-creaser

  2. Maybe post the book requirements down at the coffee shop and us old folks can put together some crib notes for you. heehee Good luck!

  3. lol bob! thanks for the offer!

    hunter - thanks. i will need it!

    charlene - that's a great idea. i still haven't received my book yet!

  4. Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Good luck . My son is going to the University Of Arkansas to be an engineer.OMG! I am getting so old.

  5. Thank you for all of your kind words regarding my latest paintings. Best of Luck with the new instructor and the parking lot demilitarized zone.

  6. karen - you're not old. the best part has just begun!

    mark - thanks for stopping by. you make great art!

  7. Great blog thought I would pop by and say hi! :-) x

  8. dare - thanks. good luck and have fun with your blog.

  9. Hope the class gets better. Nowhere to go but up, huh? And all us mommas say, "Get somebody to walk you to the car, for sure!"
    Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy sends love.

  10. sandra - lol! so true. i feel better now. :) thanks for stopping by.

  11. thanks for stopping by, kate.

  12. thanks bob! hope you didn't need sun glasses to read it. :)

  13. Loved it! The way you told it made me feel like I was there and glad I wasn't all at the same time.

  14. marla - thanks for the comment. i'm glad the mean lady didn't show up for the second class! :)

  15. Don't feel bad. In 1996, I went to our local state college to major in computer science. My first computer class was in the language of BASIC (this is obviously before Visual Basic, etc.). Anyway, while in class, the professor was trying to show us something on the computer but for some reason he could not get the computer to work. Now, mind you this is a college professor with a master's degree in computer science.

    I calmly raised my hand and asked the professor if maybe the computer had not been turned on. Well, turns out that was the problem. Can you believe? Here he is with the masters degree in computer science and he didn't even check to see if he turned the computer on before he used it. Go figure!



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