Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seven Things

I have always enjoyed reading Hunter's blog. He's a seriously funny guy with a talent to tell a great story. So it's a great honor that he thinks my blog is worth his passing on the "Kreativ Blogger" award. Thank you, Hunter. And readers, please take a moment to visit his site. It will brighten up your day, I promise.

The catch for this award is to tell seven things about me that people may not know. (I now regret that I didn't lead a more exciting life.) By risking reveal too much about myself, here's the list:

1. I love spicy food. The spicier the better. I planted a habanero pepper in my backyard one year and found out my limit for hot spices. I don't have the plant anymore.

2. I used to have a cat, but after raising my puppy I found out I was actually a dog person.

3. I used to speak Portuguese, but have forgotten it completely.

4. I did not know what 'hemp' was and had to be told it was "the" weed. Yes, I led a very sheltered life when I was a kid.

5. I am the designated driver among friends because, well, I can't drink. Half a glass of wine will get me dance on the table. So I was told. Of course I don't remember any such event.

6. I play a little piano - very little, but my crush for my piano teacher was huge.

7. My dream job would be either a writer or a graphic artist, but got into project management instead. Writing this blog provided me great joy that's otherwise missing in my job.

Now comes the hard part. I have to pass this award to another deserving writer, and there are so many that I know of, and even more out there I haven't found yet. I wish I had 50 of this award to pass out. The new owner of this lovely award goes to a young and brilliant writer, Lou. You can find her blog here. I enjoyed reading her blog very much, and hope you will pop over to check her out. I'm sure you will like it as well. Congratulations Lou!


  1. Your piano teacher sounds much better than mine - mine was a scary woman with a tache!

    Cool post

    Kate x

  2. Beware piano teachers bearing wine. ;)

  3. kate - lol. he definitely did not have a tache. sadly he was married and knew nothing about my cursh. :(

    hunter - i don't even need wine if he's my piano teacher... :)

  4. Congrats to Hunter and Lou! I am sure that they will be very pleased by your award, and they will also feel incredibly honored.

    Hope that you can come down and read this post of mine:


  5. danny - quite a story you got there. great job!

  6. Sarah, hell, i was gonna send you a case of wine, see if you could type from that there table,lol, Bess nixed that tho.
    BIG HUG& Congrats

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for the tips...Hunter and Lou. Can't wait to check them out.
    I forgot my piano piece during a recital one time. Cried and cried.

  8. bob - lol! thanks for the thought though. cheers.

    sandra - it must've been devastating for you. i hope you kept playing?

  9. I'm with you on #1 - for the most part, the spicier, the better! That said, I had some Schezuan green beans which almost did me in last night!

  10. charlene - lol! wait til you try szechuan hot soup! it's called changwang and not every chinese restaurant has it. it can really kill!

  11. Hunter made a great choice. So, your celebrating by drinking wine and dancin on your piano with your teacher who has no tache? :)

    I made the mistake of picking my habeneros and rubbing my eye right after.

  12. mike - ouch! i feel your pain. :( i made a wreath out of mine and that was the only use of my plant.

  13. Congrats! Your blog really is kreativ. (:

    Hey, we have the same dream job! But I know that's not happening to me, either; I've already accepted that.

    Congratulations to Lou as well.

  14. missy - don't give up. you're still young and have lots of potential!

  15. Hi! I'm new to your blog. And what a wonderful moment to visit you. CONGRATZ!!!

    I'm the designated driver among my friends too 'coz I drink for a reason which my friends don't seem to understand and I drink very less. Maybe two shots of whiskey or something like that while the others'd be emptying one after another. So, obviously, I'm the designated driver in my group.

  16. sambhu - thanks for stopping by, and thanks! i completely understand. you don't have to be drunk to have fun. cheers!

  17. Oh Sarah it is so nice to get know a little more about you! I do love spicy food as well and I picture myself very well on a beautiful house somewhere with ocean view and mountains at the back, writing writing writing (Cape Town?)...Why don't you put your piano teacher photo on your blog? I am so curious......

  18. lorenza - lol! i don't have his picture, but i can tell you he's not fat and not bald. :) he is married and nothing ever happened between us... sigh. i love how you picture yourself - it sounds lovely!

  19. Wow. Thanks so much for this, Sarah. It came at just the right moment. I really needed something to make me smile today and this did it. Thanks so much! :)

  20. lou - you're quite welcome! i can't wait to see your seven things. :)

  21. nothing wrong with crushing on piano teachers..



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