Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uninspired in NorCal

“Cold autumn candle light flickering on painted screen
    Chasing fireflies with round fan, in light clothes
    Courtyard steps feel cool as water in the night
    Sitting there alone watching stars in black skies”

A beautiful and somewhat lonely depiction of an early fall evening. No, I didn’t write that. I wish I could.

Or if I could put the words together so eloquently as Lou did in one of her poems:

“As soft mist lingers white over waters
    starched by the cold hand of frost”

She has such a way with words, doesn’t she? Instead, I wrote the following:

The air feels a little chilling in the morning. I put on the light sweater the first time in a long  time.
The heater kicked off one early morning unexpectedly, startling me and the puppy.
Hot coffee in the morning doesn’t feel hot enough, and gets cold sooner than days before.
A sip of brandy at night warms me up more agreeably, and no longer makes me sweat.

That was all I could say about fall season in California. I have good reasons. This is a fall scene you will likely see here:

It isn't a joke - I’m dead serious. In fact, it could be worse. I saw this a little further down the road:

If you were lucky you might see this (Yay! Red leaves.):

But I got real lucky today and saw this - finally, some real fall pictures. (Okay, that was the only one I saw):

I could practically hear the two maple trees arguing:

“It’s fall.”
“No it’s not.”
"I’m telling you kid, it’s fall.”
“And I’m telling you pops, it’s not!”

I needed to take a shower for sweating too much from walking the dog. It was a sunny 75-degree “fall” day. Now you know why I’m not a poet.


  1. Fall isn't all that different here in Florida. I'm sure the trees have very similar discussions.

  2. florida? all this time i thought you were in england. lol!

  3. Sarah, it is 82deg. here at 7:00pm,here in louisiana, still you had some nice pics, and the poetry is nice.

  4. My sister lives in SFO. I'm always cold when I venture out there. A damp kinda cold. Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps!

  5. bob - 82 degrees now? that's even worse than norcal!

    mellisa - yes, sf is always 50 to 60 degrees and it's too cold for me too. i live in east bay so it's a lot warmer here.

  6. You should come to Boston - plenty of fall inspiration here! :-)

  7. Dear Sarah thanks a lot for the award: I AM OVERWHELMED WITH JOY! I ll try to find out how I can put it on my blog, I am not a genius of computer technology. Thanks, really.

    I love autumn and winter so I just enjoyed the "crescendo" of the fall's pictures today. I will show them to my daughter today (no.1 over 4) as one of her dreams is California..... Have a lovely week end

  8. charlene - is it too late for the fall leaves in boston?

    lorenza - you're welcome. your journey of overcoming cancer is very inspirational, unlike california weather.

  9. Sarah, I know what your talking about. SoCal here. I know it's fall because less people are coming to the beach.

  10. mike - i love the beaches, but they are way too cold here in norcal. maybe i should move to socal.

  11. Sarah, hrer is the picture of the lone tree that has changed colors, oops the wind and rain got it. so sorry.

  12. I LOVE N. California. Once went to Shelter Cove way up north. Loved it so much. Come to GA and you'll see some gorgeous leaves...better hurry though!

  13. Your music is real scary ghost music!!!I think that's how real ghosts sound!

  14. sandra - georgia sounds lovely. hope you had a great halloween!

  15. Sarah ~ This reminded me once again of one of the reasons I moved from California to Oklahoma. Something just plain wrong about 80degree weather in the Fall. I'm a native Californian but an Okie at heart. YeeHaw!

  16. marla - you should share some of the fall pictures from okie. it must be beautiful.

  17. Great idea, Sarah. I will see what I can shoot tomorrow.

  18. Come to England! We've got bloody leaves everywhere

  19. uber - as soon as i save up enough money i'm there!



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