Saturday, November 21, 2009

From Me to You!

Sarah is a young and aspiring writer who's still going to college. I'm honored to know that she thought my writing is worthy of passing on the "From Me to You" award. She may be young, but her writing shows great style and stands out among her peer. Thank you, Sarah!

I found the Coffee Shop in August, and timidly started joining the conversation. Much to my relief, I found people in the shop friendly, fun and encouraging. I was instantly hooked. I only had a handful of posts back then and they were pretty immature, but one person was kind enough to not only read them, but also took the time to comment. His comments to a person who didn't know what she was doing were the lifeline a blogger needed. So I carried on. I tried to write better. I didn't want to disappoint my "reader." The fact that I had one reader was enough to keep me going.

His name was Mr. Bob. By now you all know that he's always kind and tolerant and humorous. I visited his blog many times because I wanted to find out what kind of writer he was, and each time I ran away as soon as I got there. What in the world is he talking about? What kind of language is that? It looked like English, but I didn't understand a word of it.

I finally got used to his style and language, and it's a good thing I did. His stories are so funny you will find yourself ROFL, like the bloggers would say. I thought he was just a happy-go-lucky guy, until one day I read this post and was left speechless. Anybody who went through that kind of trauma and didn't resolve to traversing on a self-destructive path is a hero. To be kind and warm and encouraging to others after such trauma is divine. He survived the demon in more than one form. So I want to dedicate this award to him as the honorary recipient.

His self description is:

I enjoy everbody, and love every comment left here, they are truly treasured. I am not computer geeky, learned, or proficent, so please forgive me, if you find something here that doesn't make sense to you. if you want I am always open to your ideas and suggestions. If you have arrived at this site it probably was not by accident.

thanks for stopping by, and just keep on laffin. plainolebob

He started the Hot Dawg Friday, where each Friday he gives out the award to five people--a lot of them new bloggers. It takes a lot of work to get that done. I know because I have trouble just doing it once in a while. That's just Bob--always encouraging others to carry on.

Bob, you are such an inspiration to so many people. I am honored to have known you. You don't need to pass it on, write a thank you post, or anything the like. I just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated.

It's a great pleasure to pass this award to these delightful writers. There are more great blogs out there than I have space to mention them here. You know who you are. You all have beautiful awards to bear witness. But to continue in Mr. Bob's style, I would like to acknowledge these fairly new blogs. Please pay them a visit. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Dealing with elder care, death, and family members in such a humorous way you will laugh your troubles away. Her blog description is simple: Loving Someone From End To End. And that's what she did.

You may not agree with her political stand, but her writing is witty and to the point. To quote her own words:
I'm a liberal Christian Texas Democrat. A living, walking oxymoron. With plenty of reasons to rant.

An Englishman’s sarcasm written in fine forms. He always has beautiful picture to go with the story if you're not big on reading.

One single post can generate 114 comments. Need I say more? He has a good amount of followers, but I have yet to see this kind of response on other blogs. His one-setence aphorisms make you look at things in life from a completely different angle.

Ms. Burb’s energy in the coffee shop can blow your derriere off your chair, and laugh all the way down. Her blog is all about murder and such. You might not want to read it before bedtime. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of her blog that states in the spirit of Ms. Burb:
The half-cocked views of the Authors of B3 may not necessarily be the views of those Authors when they're don't hold anything against us, okay?!!

There is also a catch of seven things you have to share. I will not bore you with a repeat. If you are curious here's the link:

Congratulations to all!


  1. Sarah, well said. Bob was there for a lot of people at their start, mine too. I'm glad that he encouraged you to stay around and I'm thankful for the friendship I have found with you Bob and the rest of the gang in the Coffee shop.
    Tina xx

  2. Sarah,
    I just saw your thread in the coffee shop, and came over here.
    Now you gone and done it, you have left me speechless, course it won't stop me from thanking you, and trying that difficult task of collecting my thoughts.
    All you guys write so well, you are all heroes of mine.

  3. tina - it's a great pleasure for me as well. thanks for your fantastic stories!

    bob- you're so very welcome! i mean every word!! and i'm the one who's thankful.

  4. What a nice post! Bob is a rock there for all of us. We all adore him and Bess!....and love their writing. Thanks for the list Sarah!

  5. sandra, welcome back! i checked your blog but saw that you were still out. hope all is good!

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  7. tcbd - feel free to disintegrate in your self importance. you won't be missed.

  8. I'm just getting to know the Coffee Shop gang, too. Bob is a hoot and so are a lot of the other characters there. Thanks for the award!! I really appreciate it! (it's hard being an oxymoron - awards boost my self esteem. LOL)

  9. lesley - you're quite welcome. i enjoy your writing very much, so thank you!

  10. Sarah! After traveling for the last two days with no internet, what should I find when logging back into blogland? This award from you to me! Did it make me cry? Well, yeah! Thank you for this. It means more than I can say and I appreciate it ... and you!

  11. marla - i enjoy reading your blog. you have a way to make things funny even when they're not. congrats!

  12. Thank you Sarah! I've come over all moist and wobbly.

    Today's post is for you.

  13. Thank you Sarah for this beautiful post. I like Bob's humanity so much and now I understand why. There something linking people having had life threatening situations, I guess... It has touched me a lot...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I had published twice the same comment, that is why I deleted one!
    What is the Coffee Shop Sarah?

  16. ug - have fun with the award. you write very well and i enjoy your posts.

    lorenza - coffee shop is where a lot of bloggers hang out just for the fun of it. check it out:

  17. AWESOME picks! Thanks for providing us with the links to some old standbys and some new bloggy friends...

  18. melissa - thanks for stopping by. i really appreciate mr. bob's kind words and encouragement. i hope you find the blogs listed are fun to read.

  19. Congrats Sarah and good choice I love Bob too! Kate x

  20. Great post and thanks for introducing plainolebob to me. Never read and now a follower. :)

  21. kate - thanks. yes he's the best.

    bren - love your blog. i'm a follower now.

  22. Yes Sarah, I received your award!

    It's located in the sidebar of my B3 blog!

    Just scroll down, you'll see it!

    And sweet hugs and kisses all around for your kind words!




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