Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snake Under the Roof

At first I thought "No, I'm not going." when my friend invited me to go with her to an equestrian ranch. The only thing I have that's remotely connected to equestrian is my handbag, which has belts and buckles that vaguely resemble the ones on a saddle.

Then I thought "What the hay? I've never been to one."

So this city girl went on a country ride. Boy was I surprised by what I saw there!

According to the owner, the snake was the only thing that stopped the sparrows from building their nests under their roof. They have tried everything and nothing else worked. It's a plastic, inflated snake. No wonder they say "bird brain."

The following items in the pictures, i.e., carriage, fake western settlers, golf cart are all from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch auction. Humans are real:

I thought it was tacky to ask people for money when I saw their boxes have "Got Cash" on them. Thirty minutes into their performance I realized it's because they specialize on Jonny Cash's music. They are quite good at it!

Grandpa and his date were dancing the night away:

A couple of riders performed some galloping and jumping for us:

Turns out there are quite a few equestrian ranches out there by the Silicon Valley -- silly me.



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