Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two-faced Eva

Sandra was very sweet when she was training me on her job before she went on maternity leave. She was very patient and very pleasant. I thought I was very lucky to have stepped in for such a nice person. I worried about her position when the company started letting people go due to a reorganization at a large scale. I even worked with the admin to decorate her cubicle with signs and ribbons to welcome her return. I largely discredited another employee’s comments on how insecure she was, and hence caused much friction between them.

She surprised me with a totally different personality after returning to work. She pounded me on every single thing I did, even though I maintained all the files according to her specifications, and went through the very challenging year-end close with little problem. She often uses sighs and smirks to let me and others know how incompetent I was. It was so demeaning and unpleasant I eventually went out of my way to avoid as much contact with her as possible.

I now understand what the other employee said when he told me she was insecure. I had merely eight days of training and performed her job for 5 months without problems after she tried training others for the same job with unsuccessful results, and now she felt threatened because I can actually do her job.

Is she immature? Is she an emotionally unstable person? Is she a two-faced fake? Or is she all of the above?

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  1. She is not fake. That is who she is. She is totally insecure and you did not know this at first because she did not know what you could do. Now she does and, that is life.

    I worked for a supervisor years ago that actually told me "not to show her up". I couldn't believe it. She was jealous because I have been working with computers the software on them for years and years. I have a knack for learning stuff. So what! That is just me. She didn't need to be jealous or insecure because I knew Excel backwards and forwards and she didn't.

    The same with you. Don't worry about it. You learn what you can learn. All your jobs through life are experiences for you. They all build on each other. Do not put yourself down just because you know something and someone else doesn't. However, do not shove it in their face either.

    I, personally, always assist people when they ask me a question on how to do something on the computer. I am always patient with them and do not mind showing the same thing over and over again. I do not want to make someone else feel "stupid" because they may or may not know something on the computer. Mainly, because I love computers. Just because I love them, it is easy for me to pick stuff up. But, that doesn't mean everyone else can.

    Cherish what you know and try to assist others but do not let the insecure ones get to you.



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